Feline Quartet from Lise Watier Fall 2014 LW Collection
Beautiful golden/bronze Shades with a creamy powder texture.
Hello Lovelies

    I'm back with another product of the week, loving this quad from the Lise Watier 2014 Fall Collection, I got mine at Naimies in California while on vacation. Naimies is a great place to find
Lise Watier products among other awesome brands, I will link them down below, and they also
have a great pro discount program that you guys should check out as well.
I've been wanting to
try some
more products from the Lise Watier brand and this quad was right up my alley, I have tried a
few products a while back that I got at the makeup show and at duty free while on vacation in
Canada which is where the brand is from for those of you who don't know and so far I have
enjoyed every product including this quad.
    The shadows have a great creamy powder texture which is super soft which allows for easy
blending, you can definitely use this quad on it's own as it has a highlight, transition shade, lid
shade and outer V shade to deepen the crease. The lighter shades have a sheen to them which
look almost metallic but none of them have fall out due to the creamy texture. The cranberry
and taupe shades are great they do have a slight sheen to them but nothing crazy, I still feel
the quad can be used all on it's own. 
     If you can get your hands on this quad I would recommend it, it's excellent quality and the
packaging is so beautiful with the animal print and rose gold, the shadows are heaven. 
It's a
great quad for the price & quality.There is also more to the collection so I will have links below
so you can check out the rest of the collection if you are interested. I will be posting a face of
the day using these shadows shortly, same with the post before this so stay tuned for those.
Below check out the swatches and the links of where you can purchase the quad and more from
this Lise Watier 2014 Collection.

Retail Price : $36.00

Where to Purchase:
Lise Watier - Quad

Naimies - Quad

Naimies - Collection
These swatches are done with no base/primer :)
Thanks for checking out my blog, hope it has been helpful if you have any questions post them in the
comment section. Thanks for the love.

Ivette, GCP!!
Full Exposure Palette - No Flash
Full Exposure Palette - Taken with Flash
Hello my lovelies

    I'm back with a new blog post, a possible series for the blog called the product of the week.  I will pick a product that I've been enjoying for the week and give you my thoughts it can be an oldie but goodie that you can re-discover or a new product that you can indulge in a new purchase. This week we will begin with one of my favorite brands if not my favorite and that is Smashbox, I'm definitely bias to this brand it's not often at all that I'm let down by any of their products, if it doesn't work for me it will always work in my pro kit. Today I'm talking about the Full Exposure Palette, I purchased mine when it first came out at Ulta but didn't break it open for a couple of months because so many palettes were coming out at the time, I was just trying out so many holiday palettes and was so sure I was going to love my Smashbox palette. In that time I was reading and hearing mixed reviews about the palette, some people loved it and others were disappointed saying it wasn't pigmented enough or that the matte row was great but the shimmer row was lacking, so I thought I really need to use my palette so I can know for myself so I took all that into consideration and cracked open my palette which comes with a deluxe size Full Exposure Mascara and a double ended brush one side to pack on those shimmer shadows & one to buff in those matte shadows.

The Palette:
14 Neutral Shades
Nudes to Blacks
Top Row - 7 Shimmers
Bottom Row - 7 Mattes
Blendable Formula
Long wearing

My Final Thoughts :
    I personally love this palette, I find the shadows to be creamy and velvet smooth the mattes blend like heaven, the only one that was a bit dryer than the rest is the black but nothing that I couldn't work with as for the shimmers I haven't had any problems with the pigmentation, I use a Mac 242 to pack on the color or a Mac 252 for larger areas, I also use my fingers if I'm feeling like I'm not getting what I want from the shade to pack on the color, just like I would with a Mac pressed pigment and the shadows go on so beautiful and every time I use this palette I get compliments, I have used it on clients and they always ask about the palette and end up telling me they are going to get it or that they have it and are now going to use it more because they now know what to do with it. I definitely recommend it especially since it was made to help suit everyone's eye shape and I think it really does that. There is an Eye Shape Chart that comes with your palette as well, which is very helpful.
    I will link below where you can purchase the palette, I will also link below Smashbox's youtube channel so you can check out the many videos they have using this palette with your different eye shapes which is very helpful, I have posted below their video showcasing "HOW TO FIGURE OUT YOUR EYE SHAPE" so be sure to check it out.
I have also posted swatches below so make sure you check those out as well :)

Retail Price: $49.00

Top Row - Shimmers ( No Flash No Primer )
Bottom Row - Mattes ( No Flash No Primer)
First Fall FOTD I came up with using the Brooke Shields 15 Pan Gravitas Palette.
Eyeshadows Used:
Soft Brown - transition
Plummed- crease
Persuade - outer v
Shroom - inner corner & brow bone highlight
same colors for the lower lash besides Shroom

Clinque Black - eyeliner
Lancome hypnose - mascara
Morphe Brushes eyelashes #DW

Mineralized foundation NC30 w/beauty blender
mixed w/Nars Illuminator Hot Sand
Under eye  primer - Smashbox
Concealer - Mac Mineralized NW30
Skin Highlight - Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen
Setting Powder - Anastasia BH Banana
Bronzer - Brooke Shields Scone
Blush - Hourglass Mood exposure
Highlight - Burberry Nude Radiance #1

Lip primer - Urban decay
Lip liner - Dior Holiday Red #863
Lip color - Mac Cream Color Base Duo Cherished

Sprayed with Mac Charged water :)

Hello Lovelies

    Hope you enjoyed the FOTD above, I'm  hoping to be doing more of these for you guys going forward. I'm really loving and enjoying the products that I got from this collection. Below are the 3 products that I picked up, if you want to see swatches and hear my review & thoughts I have also linked my youtube video for your viewing, so be sure to check it out.
There are close up photos below of the products I purchased, I'm very happy with the shadows especially but that's not much of a surprise as we all know MAC shadows usually don't disappoint. There are 6 shadows from the perm line and 9 new shadows which I think is pretty good especially for the price of $85 which is less than their regular pre-made palettes of $100, that makes the shadows only $5.67 a piece which is a great price, even less than the Makeupgeek shadows :)  I will leave you at that as your food for thought and make sure you check out my video for the rest of the review and swatches. If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments in the comment section above or in the comment section in the video. Be sure to Comment, Like, Share & Subscribe on my video & make sure you hit the Subscribe Button for the Blog so you don't miss out on things that I feature here that are not on my Youtube channel.
Thanks for all your support :)

, GCP :))
Gravitas 15 Pan Palette/ Scone Bronzer Powder/ Cherished Creme Color Base Duo
Cargo Cosmetics Shanghai Nights Eye Palette
Top Row: Wai Tai, Skyline, Bund, Lychee, Jin Mao,Neon Bottom Row: Hu, Street Style, Ginger,Jade, Bat Rouge, Night lIfe
Hello Lovelies

    Today I'm reviewing the Cargo cosmetics Shanghai Nights Eye Palette, I purchased mine at Kohls the store but you can also purchase it at Ulta.com but it's an online only for Ulta. First let me tell you what Cargo says about the palette,"
Richly pigmented shades of  deep burgundy, teal and gold pop against the backdrop of classic black and navy for eyes that are beautifully defined and accompany a luminous, glowing complexion.Cargo Shanghai Nights Eye Shadow Palette features a selection of bright hues reminiscent of the lights of Shanghai " another thing to know is that all 12 shades in this palette are Limited Edition and not available in Cargo's core assortment.
The packaging - a sturdy cardboard & plastic very nicely made with nice artwork on the outside which is sure to draw you in, in my opinion.
It has a magnet closure & comes with a double ended brush which has and angle eyeliner on one end & a shadow brush on the other, I guess useful in a pinch & for travel. The palette is sturdy enough for travel although it's slightly bulky.

The shadows - have a creamy texture but yet are a powder, they can be applied sheer but are very buildable to be very opaque. I really like the pigmentation.  All the swatches that you will see below are done without primer or base but as always, I recommend using a primer and/or base to make the shadows pop, blend better, last longer and all that goodness. I will say I did try the shadows on my eyes without
any primer/base and they blended and applied nicely all on their own and I have oily lids, but that was just a test for me I would still use my primer/base but if you have dry lids these might work for you on their own.

Where you can purchase:
Kohls in store - which is where I purchased mine

Ulta.com - Online ONLY

Retail Price: $39.00

                                                        Check the swatches below
Wai Tai, Skyline, Bund, Lychee, Jin Mao, Neon
Hu, Street Style, Ginger, Jade, Bar Rouge, Night Life
Final Thoughts:
If your in the market for a new palette and you want an all around palette with neutrals and pops of color, I think this is a good one to add to your collection. It's also different in texture so it's something different to have in your collection as well. You have highlight shades, transition shades, crease shades, outer crease and your pops of colors as I mentioned before, it's pretty versatile and it could be washes of color or colors that you can build and saturate and create beautiful smokey eyes. I give it a thumbs up

If you have any questions make sure you comment in the comment section, if you have used this palette, please tell me your thoughts and I hope you guys enjoy this review & swatches.

Thanks for all the love
Ivette, GCP:))

Hello Lovelies

    So below I have listed all my favorites for the months of August & September 2014, I do have some fashion in there for you guys which I don't always have but I'm thinking I will be adding some of that going forward, just to give the channel a little color if you know what I mean. I love me some fashion and accessories and I would love to share it with you lovely ladies & gents :)  Some of you have asked for OOTD which I will be doing as well, just give me some time I will get there.
    Ok so below is the link to my Youtube video and the list of all the products mentioned in the video, I will also add any links to the products that I find are still available.


Original Adidias-
Desert Pink
Vulc Star Lo' Sneaker (Women)

Nike 5.0 Women - Nordstrom

Rebecca Minkoff - Mini 5 zip Handbag - Blush



Lorac Skinny Palette Navy - $15 Lorac.com

Lorac Skinny Palette Nude - $15 Amazon.com

Eyeshadow Palette
Lipsticks- Skinny Dip & Haute Pink
Eyebrow Set
- Bronzed Sable
Blush - The Hamptons

Too Faced Cosmetics:
Country Eyeshadow Palette- $36 Ulta

Rock n Roll Palette- $36 Ulta

Cat Eyes Palette- $36 Sephora

Makeup Geek: $9.99 Pan & $12.99 Compact
Blushes - Honeymoon & Secret Admirer


It Cosmetics
My Sculpted Face Palette - Ulta or It Cosmetics.com $38.00


Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks: $21.00 Sephora

Chanel Glossimer #148 a peach pink shade
After some research looks like this was a Limited Edition Lipgloss :( but you can find these types in
& Chanel.com and I'm sure in other retailers.

Smashbox BB Cream Eyes:
Ulta - $25.00

Sephora -$25.00

Smashbox.com $25.00

Tarte Cosmetics:
The Sculpter contouring face slenderizer in Park Avenue Princess - $24.00 Sephora


The Slenderizer Bamboo Contour Brush - $32.00 Sephora


Chanel Dentelle Precieuse Illuminating Powder: Limited Edition $80.00

Bobbi Brown: I purchased at the CCO  (found at Nordstrom Linked below) $40.00
Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Santa Barbara #13

Hope you guys enjoy my favorites and if you have any questions or I missed anything feel free to comment above in the comment section or comment in the video I will get back to as soon as I can.
I tried to put in as much info as I could and if any of you have any info you can feel free to let me know that as well so I can update the blog with it.

Ivette, GCP :))

Hello My Lovelies
    It's been a while but I'm back and the posts will be more frequent hopefully on a weekly basis, that is the goal. I'm still in the moving process which is what has kept me away from the blog & also my youtube channel but I'm putting my best foot forward and want to be consistent even if it's once a week until the new house is done and we are all moved in and settled then I can start a schedule, also I plan on adding a fashion page to the blog and some fashion videos to the channel so I hope you guys will enjoy them, let me know if that is something you would like. So with all that being said let's get to the reason of this post :)
    Ok so above is a picture of my newest Louie baby and I have posted a Review on my Youtube Channel which I have posted below so you guys can check it out.  I will say that I love it and it's one of my favorite bags. My hubby did purchase it at the NYC Flagship Store which I mention in the video and give address info as well. I have also linked below the bag straight to the LV site so that you can get full details on the bag, as far as dimensions, fabric, & other colors available, etc.  I definitely recommend this bag if you are in the market for a Louis Vuitton bag, it's different from the ones that we see everyone always wearing which is another plus for me, it's a handbag but also comes with the long strap so you can wear it as a shoulder bag. Hope you enjoy my Review, Don't forget to check out the link for more info and don't forget to Comment, Like, Share & Subscribe to my YT if your not already so you don't miss out on future vids and be sure to Subscribe to my blog as well as it's an extension of my blog and you may find other beauty & fashion things here that are not on my YT channel and vice versa.

Thanks for the love, you guys rock!!
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Link to the Louis Vuitton " The Pallas " handbag

Retails for: $2490.00
Left row of shades: Top: Amnesia Rose shadow Middle: Silver Lilac sparkle shadow Bottom: Pink Lilac sparkle shadow Middle row shades: Sand Pink - is a Blush Desert Rose - is a Pot Rouge (lipstick) Right row shades: Iron shadow Ultra Violet Shimmer shadow Mulberry shadow
Hello my Lovelies
So I'm back with another review on this gorgeous palette from Bobbi Brown & L'wren Scott called the Amnesia Rose Palette. This is a bit of a different purchase for me as I don't usually buy too much Bobbi Brown but the different color combos called out to me and of course I love me some purples. I also normally don't like lip products with my powder products but there is only one in this palette and it is absolutely stunning on the lips and great quality.

The palette has 3 matte shadows, 1 shimmer wash shadow, & 2 sparkle shadows which basically remind me of MAC's pressed pigments if you will, in the center of the palette you have a super pigmented Blush that will match many different skin tones and a beautiful neutral lippy that is very pigmented as well and goes on like a dream.

All the mattes are very soft and go on really smooth and blend nicely, the shimmer wash goes on pretty pigmented when you use a flat shader brush such as a MAC 242 or 239 and press it on to the lid otherwise it is a wash of color that is buildable.  The sparkle shades are exactly that I use them with a synthetic brush in order to pick up the product or use your fingers to press on to the skin and I recommend using a base so they have something to stick to, another way you can use them is wet which makes them look really vibrant and gorgeous. Below I have swatches for you to see all the shades and I have swatched the sparkle shades wet.

So lets get to checking out the swatches!!!

Amnesia Rose, Silver Lilac, Pink Lilac
Sand Pink (blush), Desert Rose (Pot Rouge)
Iron, Ultra Violet, Mulberry
Final thoughs.....
             hope the swatches & review above help you decide if this is a palette for you, below I will have a link to where you can purchase the palette. All in all I think the palette is lovely it is of very good quality and great for travel, the packaging is of sturdy cardboard it's trendy looking and chic and I really love that and I feel you can do a nice day look with a pop of color and then bump it up with sparkle or a smoky eye for a night look all in one palette. With all that being said I do find that the palette is a bit pricey as it does retail at $68 so it's not at the friendliest price point, it's more of a treat yourself kind of thing. It's worth it if you have it to spend but I don't feel it's a must have and you need to go out of your way to get it. So that is my 2 cents on that and I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions feel free to comment and ask whatever you like.

You can purchase this palette at: Nordstrom.com


Retails for: $68.00

Thanks for reading, Love you guys:))
xoxo, Ivette

Hello my Lovelies

I'm back with another review and this is yet another Lorac palette, yes this is the Lorac AfterGLO Eye Shadow Palette something like the SummerGLO Eye Shadow Palette that I reviewed last week which is  available at Kohls & Loraccosmetics.com, this one is exclusive to Ulta and Ulta.com and the packaging does not do it justice although the color of the palette is very pretty and still drew me in what's inside is just so much better.

Let's check out the swatches:

My overall thoughts:

Just like the SummerGLO Palette I am in love with this palette, I think the pigmentation is there, it's travel friendly, the shades are all gorgeous and you have great finishes. There is a mixture of of 8 very bright matte & shimmer shadows and I find the shimmers are more pearl like than shimmers, none of them are chunky shimmers at all, you also have 2 over sized neutral shadows which both have a pearly finish and are great for a brow highlight, inner tearduct, & all over the lid. All the shadows swatch nicely even the couple that are not super pigmented are buildable and they all blend like dream. All the swatches above are swatched on bare skin NO PRIMER or BASE. You are getting 10 shadows for a great price and all work great together, you have your transition shades, highlight shades, and your pops of color, pretty much all that you need to design so many looks, whether it's a day out shopping or a night out with the girls you can use this palette. Lorac did yet another great job with a great price point. I definitely recommend getting your hands on this palette if you can, it will be great for spring and summer for that great summer glow and I do believe it is Limited Edition.

What it retails for:


Where you purchase it:

Ulta Stores & Ulta.com (link below)


Hope you lovelies enjoy this post and it is helpful, if you have any questions post them in the comments or find me on any of my social media all linked on the sidebars. Don't forget to follow the blog so you don't miss out on upcoming post.

Thanks so much :)
xoxo Ivette

Summer Glo Eye Shadow Palette
Lorac Summer Glo - Sold at Kohls & Kohls.com
Hey my Lovelies
So I'm finally back on track with my blog sorry I have been gone so long, I have been having technical difficulties but it looks like all is ok now. So I'm bringing you this beautiful Lorac summer palette that has just come out it's the Summer Glo Eye Shadow Palette and it's right on time for the spring and summer.

What is it?

A lovely spring/summer Limited Edition palette with 10 beautiful shades.  It has a mix of neutrals, pops of colors and a good mix of
shadow textures such as mattes, shimmers and satins.

Let's see some swatches
My overall thoughts on the palette:

Overall I really like this palette, I found that the shadows are beautiful, they don't all swatch super pigmented but they are all buildable and blendable which is key for me, some work better with a primer or base underneath and others are fine without it ( all swatches above are WITHOUT a primer/base). I think the palette is pretty & well rounded, it has neutral shades, transitional shades, highlight shades, and pops of color shades, I also think the palette is travel friendly which is a plus for me. I think the shadows are pretty soft and smooth feeling, the only one that felt a bit gritty and that had quite a bit of fall out is the golden one which is the first shade in the second set of 4, but I also found that once you broke into the first layer of it, it was fine and just had a pretty golden sheen to it without the fallout or grit so it could just be that first layer. The bronze shade next to it does have some silver sparkle to it but not a ton that would steer me away from the color. All in all I think this palette is worth the money and I would recommend it, I think Lorac did a nice job with it as they do most of the time with their shadows & palettes in my opinion, so you should go ahead and grab yourself one of these palettes if you get the chance and at the price point it's well worth it.

How much does it Retail for?


Where can you purchase it?
It's available online now & In stores later this week or beginning of next week.

Kohls Stores or Kohls.com & loraccosmetics.com Links below



Hope u lovelies enjoy this post & if you have any questions feel free to comment and let me know if any of you pick up this palette and what you think. I will be posting a couple of FOTD with this palette as well so stay tuned for that.
Thanks so much for following

, GCP :))
Hello Lovelies

It's 2014 and I'm ready to use up some of 2013 purchases and previous years but I'm also ready to get me some new goodies for this year so with all that being said below you will find a list of my Top 13 Beauty Favorites of 2013 & I have also linked my Youtube video below so you can check out the products up close and personal. Hope you ladies & gents enjoy and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them above in the comment section or in the youtube comment section.

Primers - Skin & Eyes
Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating
Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream (light to medium)
Milani Glow Natural Brush-On (medium to tan)

Smashbox High Definition concealer (medium)
MAC Mineralize concealer (nw30)

MAC Studio Careblend (medium plus)
Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour ( #30


Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting bronzer
Smashbox Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte

MAC Happy Together
MAC Riri Bad Girl Gone Good

Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand in Pearl
Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in Spellbound

Smashbox Brow tech to go ( brunette )
MAC Brow set ( girl boy )

Eyeshadow Palettes
Smashbox  Softbox Eye Palette
Smashbox Heatwave Palette
Lorac Pro Palette

Kajal Eye liners/Khol Kajal - Shown in video
Victoria's Secret Hypnotic Black eyeliner
Guerlain Terracotta
Blue Acqua eyeliner
Lipliners - Shown in video
Smashbox The Nude Lip Pencil
Milani in All Natural & Cocoa

Lorac Special Effects
Lash Accelerator Endless

MAC Riri Nude
MAC Bad Girl Riri
Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita & Jeffree

Smashbox O-Plump
Dior Lip Maximizer 002 LE
Dior Lip Maximizer

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash 707

That is the list, hope it's helpful :))

xoxo, Ivette